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This is nothing more and nothing less than a chance for me to post a photo of Olive nursing.

It's been nearly seven months now - SEVEN - of feeding my baby girl with the help of an SNS.

I managed zero feeds with Alfie and three months with Esme.

Each day, each feed, I look down at her sweet face and say a silent thank you to her for sticking with me.

I will never take this view for granted.


  1. Wow, that is extremely moving. We managed 8 months with an SNS, and every day I felt so grateful to feel her on my breast, feel her warm breath on my skin, her wee hands kneading me, her eyes catching mine. I still breastfeed but she became intolerant of the tube at 8 months, and now uses a zippy cup for her expressed milk

    1. Congratulations mama, eight months is AWESOME!! Olive is getting a little ratty these days so I'm having to distract her a bit with hand noms while we feed. I think it's just her age though, she's so into everything at the moment that fingers crossed we will come out of the other side. There is so much more to breastfeeding than a milk delivery system isn't there? Those moment are just so precious and I'm so glad you still get to enjoy them!!


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