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Right there is the ultimate sales pitch. I should just put a big full stop, post a picture and walk away, job done.

This is me though, so of course I’m not going to do that.

This is a calendar you need in your life though, for all the reasons I have mentioned in the title.

Sales from this calendar will go to buy slings for local NICU units so that parents can practice kangaroo care which, as WHO point out, is vital for premie babies.
Photography by Sharyn -
I know a lot of you are in countries other than New Zealand so here’s a sweetener, if you order this calendar and you mention this blog post, I will cover the difference between the standard P&P costs and sending it over to you.

And don’t give me “it’s already January, why would I want to buy a calendar?”, there are 352 days left of the year.

That’s 352 days of ovary aching to be had!!

And all for $25/£12.50

That, my friends is the deal of the century.

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