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Well, I can now officially add another life lesson to my ever growing list: Charting your cycles does not work just after you have finished breast feeding. In fact, if you were lucky enough to experience lactational amenorrhea then it probably isn’t going to work for best part of a year after you have stopped feeding.

How do I know this?

I'm 6 weeks pregnant.

And so starts another secret section of posts to be published when I have stopped wavering from utter joy to abject terror.

Keith was far more sanguine about the whole thing:
me: how are you getting on today?
I.C.E.1: Struggling to be honest
me: how come?
I.C.E.1: Cos I have two kids to look after!
me: are they being hard work?
I.C.E.1: She won't sleep, they are impossible together. She is in the car now. Hoping she drops off as I finish loading
me: so you don't fancy adding a third to the mix then?
I.C.E.1: Lol. Not yet.
me: how about June next year?
I.C.E.1: Why then?
me: because that's about 8 months from now
I.C.E.1: What do you mean?
me: I mean I'm pregnant you klutz
I.C.E.1: Lmfao. That's awesome. How far gone are you? Do I need to make an appt for the snip then!?!? Lmao
me: Are you slightly hysterical?
Is that a symptom of having multiple kids that the first is announced with grand fanfare and the third with an instant message? 

Anyway Alfie is adamant that the new baby shall be called Apple Trees. He seems to find the idea hysterical so I’m going to humour him: Apple Trees it is.

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