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Today my baby boy turned three.

Yesterday we met up with the families and had lunch. That meant my dad was on hand with his camera to photograph every last moment, which is why he caught the exact moment my son went from a snuggly two year old to ass kicking three year old

Who knew that was going to happen?

Somehow, without us quite noticing when, my little man lost a few of those chubby bits and replaced them with hard edges.

Somehow his fearlessness became focused, and his body stepped up to deliver

Somehow he stopped jabbering in adorable toddler speak and his words became clear, his sentences adult, his logic annoyingly flawless.

Somehow he began to understand empathy, and how to be a good big brother

Somehow he became a proper boy.

Be kind to your parents, Alfie, it feels like yesterday we held your tiny little body for the first time and wondered what the hell we were supposed to do next.

Most days, I still wonder.

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