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I had my appointment with our comedy doctor today in order to go through the formality of telling people I'm in the family way.

Knowing his penchant for amusing Mediterranean quips I thought I'd set him up:
"I'm going to start your day with a laugh: for the third and final time, I'm gonna need a midwife"
He didn't let me down:
"Is that before or after the psychiatrist and the two bricks for your husband?"
Chapeau sir, chapeau.

So the boxes have been ticked, the forms printed and it is time to try the unthinkable and plan a positive birth with the help of a consultant.

It won't surprise you to know I have already been devouring research about good perinatal practice for cardiac patients and would you believe it almost looks like the sort of plan I can get behind.

I hear phrases like "Spontaneous onset of labour", "limiting or even avoiding active maternal bearing down (‘pushing’)" and "no bolus doses of oxytocin in the third stage" and in my head we have us a nice calm Lotus VBAC using Natal Hypnotherapy

I'm determined this time not to spend time and energy tilting at windmills in my head. That means for now, I am happy, calm and positive about this pregnancy and birth.

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