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The second time is worse than the first, there is no question. I’m not sure quite why but this pregnancy is kicking the ever loving shit out of me. I feel so sick I have now taken to keeping my bin within reach at work, and I’m so tired that I can barely walk around a farm for a few hours before having to rest for a whole entire day.

This is not fun!!

It also explains the lack of posting which once these posts all magically appear will make a lot of sense to those who read the blog, I’m sure.

I am now the proud owner of  VBAC Natal Hypnotherapy course. Keith and I were in two minds about how much time and money to invest in hypnobirthing and for the princely sum of £11.99 this seemed like a good compromise.

I shall report back on whether I get on with it.

There is also progress on the midwife front, which I thought I would share. We saw a lovely IM last week, and we were all set to sell one of the dogs to pay for her when I got in contact with a lady who just happens to live in the next village and who is somewhat more experienced in the VBAC world than I am.

She told me about another practice who are ... ummm ... not quite local but who are VBAC specialists and who indeed say on their site they will travel nationally, indeed internationally to attend births.

I’m very excited because I’m planning on calling the lady this evening to talk to her.

It feels like a crazy plan, like truly insane to be looking at someone on the other side of the country to attend this birth, but that actually seems about par for the course with us, and these things just have a  way of working out.

Hey put it this way, the M25 isn’t involved so she stands a chance of making it to us in time. 

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