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When I was pregnant with Alfie there were certain foods that I took sudden and extreme umbrage to – most notably fish with heads still attached and wine. There were also things I clung to in a bid to ease me through those first rocky months – won ton soup and real ale.

I was a bit worried that there might be some kind of on/ off switch operating in my taste buds and that this time I would be wanting feast on fish heads soaking in merlot, but no, it doesn’t seem to have worked like that.

This time I have merely added to the list.

In favour now are pretzels and tofu, oily fish (with no heads), tomato sauce and chocolate.

I’m waving goodbye to anything vaguely spicy on the basis that just the thought makes me dry heave (although the reality sometimes doesn’t – go figure).

I also have more of a hunger this time than I did before, which is somewhat cruel considering every meal is an exercise in sheer will to stop from throwing up.

This is how I know God is a woman.

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