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I know I have been silent for a few weeks now, and I do feel bad about that, but life, colds and holidays have conspired to turn my brain into complete mush.

In reality I’m still not feeling right so I’ll spare you any attempt to write something interesting – I just wanted to thank my amazing hubby and son for my pressies yesterday.

Many years ago, when I moved into my first flat, I treated myself to a full dinner service from Habitat and I have treasured it ever since. Unfortunately Alfie wasn’t so big on the treasuring and I have lost 2 of my beloved mugs to his experiments in gravity.

So my gift was a replacement mug, brought to me in bed clutched firmly in chubby little toddler hands and with an enormous grin on his face and presented with no end of open mouthed toddler kisses.

I can forgive him anything when he does that.

Even jumping on my head.

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