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Alfie woke up early this morning and as a consequence has been a grizzly little mard-arse all the live long day.

He cheered up for one teeny tiny window just after lunch, and that was when Harry sauntered in to help clean up some stray leftovers.
Alfie very helpfully pointed out to Harry where he had dropped some potato and beef and then, THEN he did something so revolting, so utterly gross, it not only took me several moments for it to sink into my head, it took several more before I finally spluttered out an outraged ALFIEHARRYSTOPPIT!!!!!

My son licked the highchair alongside the dog.

I'm not even joking.

Part of me wishes he had eaten worms instead, somehow that would be less gross.

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  1. Mwahahahahaaa! Wait till you catch the dog thoughtfully "changing the baby" for you down the garden. I swear Mike was lucky to ever learn to walk, he permananetly had a Dachshund hanging off his nappy!


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