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I asked a friend today what the minimum age was for children to come along to her climbing wall.

And before anyone pipes up wondering what business an 18 month old has at a climbing wall let me just show you this:

This is what passes for a light warm-up for my son, right before he launches himself into something a bit challenging, like a 50ft tree.

He climbs his bookcase like it was a ladder AND STANDS ON TOP.

He climbed up a 5ft wooden ladder at toddler group on Tuesday and I only knew about it because I heard him whinging that he couldn't work out how to get back down in the 5 SECONDS I had been away hanging his coat up.

He climbs everything he can find ... INCLUDING HIS PARENTS!!

He is unstoppable and like his mother before him, has absolutely no shred of fear. He’s a force of nature and a whirling dervish without so much as a screw to come loose.

I’m so proud!


  1. Love that photo he looks so diddy and neat with his footwork

    1. He still is a natural climber. He can shimmy up a climbing wall like a mountain goat!


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