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Now that the weather is a little less arctic, Alfie has taken to spending the majority of his day out in the garden, sometimes in nothing more than his jelly shoes and a nappy.

He has found a whole new world of amusing toys to play with, like the hose for instance and I caught him the other day dipping the end of it in the bucket and then placing it on a Frisbee he wanted to wash. Clearly the logic is slightly flawed but full marks for getting the general gist.

Nil point for sucking the end though chief, especially when you share it with the chickens.

You won't be surprised to know that our garden has dirt in it, nor that my son is attracted to it like flies to a steaming heap of cow pie. You probably won’t even be surprised to know that Alfie’s way of cleaning his inevitably dirty hands is to lick them.

Yup, I said lick them.

That brings me neatly to this photo which Keith took and somehow manage to distil the absolute essence d’Alfie.


I also love the way in true wildlife photographer style he chose not to get involved with the subject while he was engaged in his hand cleaning. 

It is gratifying to know that the next time the plague does the rounds, my boy is SO going to have the last laugh. 

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