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OK so clearly my pregnancy brain has pushed out sensible thoughts in favour of obsessing over pretzels and stone baked pizza because I may have forgotten to post up Pip's first mug shot.

So there is the obligatory, fuzzy, magic eye, WTF have you got IN there?!? photo.

The whole appointment was pretty chilled. Apart from when Alfie got it into his head that I was being hurt in some way which led to a wobbly bottom lip, and Keith had to hold him and point out the screen in a pretty futile attempt to explain what was going on.

We got to watch Pip streeeetch and bounce his way around the screen. Everything is fully functional, present and correct.

I also wanted to share this video with you. It was tweeted by one of the bloggers I follow and I agree with her totally, it is the most amazing birth video ever - save it for home though ;-) - Oh and look out for the shot of mum holding her new baby just after birth. She is just glowing.

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