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We went on a little trip yesterday.

Our friend, Bryn, very kindly offered to lend us his talents for the day to take some family shots. He had in actual fact offered some time ago, we are just useless at arranging these things.

Bryn lives on a farm with the most amazing buildings and fields and a gypsy caravan. It was almost purpose built to be the kind of place where we could have a very 'us' photo shoot.

Keith is busy resizing and uploading the photos elsewhere, but I just wanted to share this little sequence with you.

Keith found this old bucket lying around and I picked a spot that was out of the wind to set it up. Just out of shot is an old telegraph pole with the remains of a metal bracket attached.

What do you think happened next?

Here's a small hint - it involved a lump, and a lot of cuddles to make better.

Thing is, you can actually see the moment his little brain figures out the mischief potential.

You can also see where I said "Aaaallfiiiiiieeee" and he decided to pull his very best "can't hear you mama" face.


At least he had the good sense to miss the metal he was trying to reach. That would have been a whole different can of hospital based whoop-ass!

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