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This is not the mail you want to receive when you have just sat down to eat your lunch.

from: Keith

to: Tash

subject: your son

removed his nappy again this morning.
I had more of a cleanup operation to do than last time.
Potty training begins tomorrow!

How much are those bumbo toilet ones?

Love you

Is mine the only nearly 1 year old who has decided he doesn't like being wet or dirty and to take matters into his own hands?

When I made a mental list of skills I would quite like my son to excel in, undressing was not one of them. It wasn't even in the top 50.

Talented musician, eloquent speaker, avid book lover? check

Ability to remove nappy and distributing contents all over bedroom? Nil Point!!

So not great, but on the plus side, trying to potty train a stubborn little gremlin with a penchant for escapology is going to give me buckets of blog material!!!

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