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For reason I won’t bore you with, Alfie and I went to Birmingham yesterday and we ended up at a soft play centre.
I cannot describe my son’s reaction to be dumped into a multicoloured plastic wilderness without judicious use of the words ‘peacock’ and ‘cattle prod’.

He loved it: Every little bit of it.

He made friends with an older kid who he happily followed around for AGES. This older kid was lovely to him as well, and Alfie thought he was the funniest thing he had ever seen. You can see him here doing his new favourite thing, hugging.
Second on the list of new favourite things? Climbing slopes and going down slides face first. Apparently this is the funniest thing since his new friend. Also a new scary skill for his father and I to keep an eye on because lord knows that child already tried hard enough to give himself brain damage without adding stairs into the equation.

Being a boring mum I had to drag Alfie away a couple of times for things like changing, and to force some food and drink down him. He wasn't impressed, in fact he stuffed his banana down so quickly I was worried it would make a cameo somewhere in the bendy tunnel.

It didn't. In fact he took himself off to have a quiet moment playing with cogs when it all got a bit much.
Shortly afterwards we got in the car to head home. He was so tired he didn't even make it to the end of the road and slept until I woke him up an hour later for fear he would be too well rested to go to bed.

Yesterday was a good day.

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