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I've never done one of these before, hope it doesn't bore you all too much.

5:40 - My eyeballs still aren't quite sure which way is forward, which is odd seeing as I fell asleep cutched up to Keith on the sofa at 9 last night.
5:50 - It's a Friday so I drag the bins out with me on the way to the car. I would leave it to Keith because I can imagine it would be funny watching him do 100yrd sprint up the garden over dogs and round chickens to get them out in time, but I fear he would fail which means another 2 weeks of rubbish to find a home for. It's green week this week which means the recyc bin, garden trimmings and also the compost bin. At this rate I'm going to have to start getting up early just to have enough time to drag them all out!
 6:32 - The tunnel of DOOM on my way to work. 3 years of roadworks in this little puppy. I reckon I could have built them a new tunnel in that time. 
 7:00 - The carpark at work. Can you tell that everyone seems to "work from home" on a Friday?
7:02 - After the drive into work I am SO ready for this!!
7:05 - My home from home. We have revolving colours on our desktop and today's doesn't seem too bad. Note the piece of paper in front of my keyboard which is a reminder I left myself last night. Sad day when you have to manage yourself.
8:20 - Because it is the end of the week I'm treating myself to a mushroom roll. Nyom.
10:46 - Work, work, work. Note the messenger screens, it's how Keith and I talk in the day. Apparently we're having roast veg crumble for dinner tonight. Sounds good to me!! Also, I have shopping to do at lunch.
11:30 - The other part of my job, helping organise an office move. Looks like the guys have got it all under control though
12:00 - Seasonal nyom at the supermarket.
Then back to eat while catching up with the world. In news today, baby Lily is sleeping, Sal aches, light drinking is OK in pregnancy, Heather from Dooce is home alone with the kids and Johnny Depp appears to be doing house calls. That girl is going to be able to dine out on that one for the rest of her LIFE. When I was at school we had Roger Black come to an assembly once and it caused the school to grind to a halt while the female teachers raced to the toilets to shovel on makeup for the first and only time in the 7 years I knew them. I bet the school in that story had more "parent helpers" pitch up that day than they had children enrolled! 
13:47 - Apparently yes, he is insane. Now I am going to spend the rest of the afternoon wondering what kind of elephant man child I am going to see when I come home. At least there's no egg in it. Right?

15:00 - Afternoon nyom of bananary, walnutty, raisiny goodness. I didn't mean to buy it, but I walked into the canteen and it looked all cute and folorn and delicious. I'll run this weekend to make up for it. 

16:00 - Hometime! Off up the road with this playing on the radio and the sun shining

How can you not smile?

17:00 - Home in good time and up the garden past the daily battle of chook and dog. One day he'll learn
 17:05 - Into the kitchen, and I'm hit with the most amazing smell of baking (grape cake in case you're interested) and a son with raisins in his face. Lots of raisins.
 17:15 - Time for the crumble to go into the oven. I can't wait for this, the roasted veggies smelled insane when I was putting the cheesy oaty topping on.
18:30 - Time for a shower to wash off the dinner from various nooks and crannies. Especially the crannies. This is one of my favourites times of the day because Alfie usually dozes off on my shoulder while I sing to him. 
19:00 - Small boy is snoring in bed after a bottle. I am now sitting in the lounge enjoying a well earned beverage in my jammies.

The end.

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