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I know I have been woeful in updating you in the last week. This is because we have been away for Keith’s Dad’s 60th and also because I have had a million things to organise for the NCT not to mention my willpower finally breaking down resulting in me snottily cleaning the whole house accompanied by much huffing and grumping in the direction of my beloved “house husband”.

I will bring you up to date in the next few days (once Keith has downloaded some photos and NOT stolen them for the other blog *glare*) but I will bring you up to date with another snippet of Batsford daily life.

Me: “Hi baby, how’s it going? How’s the boy?”

Keith: “Yeah all good .... he’s doing a lot of standing today”

Me: “what you mean cruising?”

Keith: “No actual standing. He’s letting go and standing for 5, 6 seconds at a time”

Me: “and you didn’t think I might want to know? One of the biggest milestones in our son’s life and you didn’t think to maybe call me?”

Keith: “well I’m telling you now”

Me: ”will you take a photo?”

Keith: ”he’s only standing for a few seconds, that’s not enough time. Wait a few months and he’ll be standing for minutes at a time and you can photograph him then”

Eugh, that man!!

I have had also decided that I might do a few “day in the life” threads for the different areas of family life, mainly because I think it will be lovely to look back on them in the future and also because they involve next to no thinking time, which seems to be my downfall at the moment.

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