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Seriously, weekends don’t often come better.

Most important thing I have to say is to Steve and Kim: Congratulations. I’m so glad you now have a squishable lump of gorgeous to call your own. She is beautiful and I’m sure she will bring you much joy.

Then there is another landmark to report in young Alfred’s life: We officially have witnessed, verifiable standing upness!

We went to the Pod at the weekend to see a bit of racing but mainly to catch up with friends and thanks to the harshness of the weather spent rather a lot of time in Abi and Andrew’s tea wagon. Alfie was busy performing for his audience and while moving from boring daddy to interesting friend he totally forgot himself and stood completely unaided between the two knees.

Keith and I did that thing where you grab each other’s arms and stare bug eyed not wanting to break the spell by speaking while wanting to convey through the power of grip the words “Holy cr@p are you seeing what I’m seeing?!“

When we did venture out into the wind, Alfie in his ear defenders turned out to be as unflappable as Alfie in ma belleh.

Last time I remember being quite amused at the fact that the only thing to get a proper reaction from the bump was a top fueller launching at full beans. This time, I would like to report that the only thing to get a reaction was .... a top fueller launching at full beans. And the only reaction that got was a bit of a jump and a very melodramatic pout.

Alfie is so bomb proof it actually scares me.

Sunday was all about me. Remember when I went back to work I started to run to get fit for the future? Well yesterday I ran my first half marathon with my friend Jo, and it was the second proudest experience of my life.

Unlike the first proudest moment, I spent the 2 hours 25 minutes of the race smiling my head off. I have never before felt so powerful, or so empowered. We killed it, the both of us, running further and faster than we thought we could and chatting the whole time we did it. There were so many magical moments for me, all of which I fully expect to forget, but as the saying goes, I will never forget how I felt, and that was literally, and metaphorically on top of the world.

On the way home we stopped for the best meal I’ll have all year. The food was forgettable, the service was poor but the company was just perfect. Rachy Chums was back from Aus for a family occasion, and had the honour (in Alfie’s eyes anyway) of spending some time in the company of my little boy. The last time I say Rachy was when I was about 2 months pregnant and had to tell her I wouldn't be making it to her wedding so she had missed the fatness, the birth drama and the first 10 months of Alfie’s life.

I think she quite liked the small amount she saw of him. Unfortunately Alfie spent most of the meal flirting shamelessly with the lady at the next table which gave poor Rachy a rather good view of the back of his head.

Hopefully when she comes back at Christmas he will be more appreciative of her gifts and attentions, and hopefully I will be less spaced and will remember to take a photo of the two of them!!

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  1. Just catching up online!
    "squishable lump of gorgeous" lol


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