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It blows my mind to even by typing this but I've recently started planning Alfie’s first birthday. Somewhere in my head he’s still a tiny curled up baby hedgehog snuffling and mewling, not the little boy I saw in front of me yesterday standing up and clapping. That’s right people, standing up AND CLAPPING. My boy wants it to be known, he might be a tail, but he can multitask. I think he was trying to impress a girl.

Anywho, as is always the story with me, I've spent far too long on the web finding goodies for the big day and I stumbled across these little beauties.

I know! 3D invitations! How frickin cool?!? Thanks to them being so expensive they have only gone out to the children attending, everyone else has had an evite from here which personally I think is much more eco friendly, if a lot less exciting, and with less call for 3D glasses.

And anyone has call to look for party favours, I would love to suggest Little Cherry, who I think punch well above their weight for customer service. When I made my order, I got an email telling me what I could expect from them, and THEN they went and exceeded it! Best of all, their party loot is all eco friendly so I feel guilt free about the little pressies Alfie will be handing out to his friends.

Only 32 sleeps to go!!

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