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For a lot of you, this will be the first you know about this blog, so firstly welcome. As you can see I have been keeping something from you for the last few months, and here it is.

After a week of convincing myself that I was going to go for a scan to be told it was all an elabourate hoax, I went for a scan to find, no, I am in fact pregnant (surprise, surprise!!)

It was a horrible introduction to maternity care at the hospital thanks to some very unhelpful receptionists, but luckily the lovely lady who had removed half my blood was good enough to help me make sense of things, and also to warn me to stop drinking my pre-scan drink so quickly or I was liable to explode. She was nearly right.

So the exciting bit then, Maybe's first photo session. When the sonographer first tried to take the measurements, Maybe as so curled up that she just couldn't get a proper reading. So she measured the head and found we were pretty much bang on with the 22/23 October as a due date, which is ace, although I still think the sensible money is on a Hallowe'en baby.

Having confirmed there was a heartbeat and a brain (a miracle in itself considering the parents), she tried to get Maybe to move around and stretch out a little bit to get a decent measurement.

Maybe was not amused.

First, an arm was flung in the our direction with the clear subtitle "GERROFFFFF" and then Maybe threw what I can only describe as an epic hissy fit. Clearly I didn't pass up the chance to tell Keith I thought this was indicative of his influence, although my mum later informed me that in her opinion the child obviously takes after me. Quite frankly, I was outraged at the suggestion.

So anyway, here it is, Maybe's Diary. Hopefully full of things that will make you giggle, things that will make you go "Aaaaahhh" and if you ever find yourself in the same position as we did, things that might bring you some comfort.

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