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Blimey that sounds so strange to say, a quarter of the way through. Of course it is the easy quarter because you don't know anything about impending parenthood for the first half of it, but still, in terms of symptoms, it has been a long hard slog.

Apparently this week my 'morning' sickness comes to a head - which is nice.

My bra has now reached critical mass and I am in danger of exploding out of it if I don't buy a bigger one soon. I'm trying to hold out until 12 weeks though, not because I want to be mistaken for a working girl, but because it feels like a good reward to finally go and invest in maternity clothing more generally once the first trimester is well and truly gone.

In other exciting news, I had my midwife appointment (finally) last Saturday and it was another HUGE let-down, all we did was fill in forms!!! I was quite chuffed that my BMI was classed as healthy, and my blood pressure was 100/60 which is about normal for me. I was less chuffed with the spiel I got about "only being allowed to have a home birth if ..." but I smiled wryly and let it all wash over my head rather than educate my lovely midwife student that in fact, they are the ones that being allowed to tend to me, not I who is allowed to receive their care.

Anyway, final bit of news is that we told Gran and Gramps Garcia what's been going on, and they were delighted, even if they look very slightly bemused. 

I don't think they will ever forget where they were told either, seeing as we were on a steam train in the Leicestershire countryside at the time. And why not, you only get to give news like this once :-)

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