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I have decided something, the first trimester is a lonely place to be.

On top of the usual limitations to my day, I now have an absolutely horrible cold, which clearly I can do nothing about except sniffle dejectedly and hobble off to bed early.

Keith has been great taking the boys out on his own, but he has also been off down the pub and staying up late surfing the web and it has left me feeling really isolated and lonely.

I wish I had more energy, and that I didn't cough and sneeze and generally sound like the mating call of an Elk every time I open my mouth.

On top of that most of my more obvious symptoms have vanished. The tugging and aching I mean which has left me with a slight concern that I might have magically absorbed the poor little Maybe. Silly I know.

On a slightly brighter note, I have my booking appointment on Saturday and made plans with my Best Friend for a picnic in the near future where we get to lie like beached whales beside the river and the boys get to feed us jelly and jam tarts (and possibly something of nutritional value as well). 

Now we just need to find a date ...

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