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Well the midwife appointment didn't go quite to plan in that we didn't have a full booking appointment. But we did book the booking appointment and it's for Saturday 21st March, at home, which I think is very civilised, although I will now have to get Keith to hoover (Bah!!) and banish the hounds (double bah!!)

One thing that did come out of the meeting though was that my midwife likes home births .... HUZZAH!!!! ... so hopefully there is one less fight I have to have. Which is SUCH a relief, honestly I can't tell you!!

In other news, I have my first scan booked and with no small amount of palaver. The lady on the end of phone seemed determined to put me off until after the 21st because my midwife hadn't counselled me in Down's Syndrome yet. It wasn't until I pointed out to her that I didn't want to be scanned anyway that she finally let me have my date. 

Lucky she did too, because it turns out to be just after my appointment with my consultant Mr B. So not only am I going to have to sit through the tornado of Mr B throwing information at me in his own inimitable way, I'm going to have to do it with a full bladder too!!!

None of which seems to matter right now though because for some strange reason, I'm just a little bit looking forward to it.

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