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The curious thing about being pregnant is that symptoms don't perform a nice neat little relay race, they tend to hang about and wait for their mates to join in.

Now, in addition to bone crushing tiredness and sore boobs, we have a new playmate, morning sickness.

In fact what we have is "can't go near a car unless I'm driving it, or in fact eat anything with a soupcon of fat without wanting to hurl" sickness. BAH.

Just my luck too that it should choose to appear on a recent trip for Keith's birthday. We were over in Gibraltar visiting family, and had decided to take a day trip to the mountains. 

By the time we got there I thought I was going to hurl. 

By the time we got back that evening, I thought I was going to die.

None of which is made any easier by the fact that nobody else knew I was expecting, although I think by the end of the weeek they suspected.

That's a really weird thing about being in this position, you desperately want to tell everyone, as Keith put it, shout it from the rooftops. But you daren't, just in case. It's early days yet and things can happen.

We've taken the attitude that we'll tell people face to face as we see them - except for the family in Gib which was really a case of bad timing because I wanted to tell my olds first and we're not seeing them until next weekend.

In other news, I have my booking appointment today, and I am very excited by the prospect. I will report back. Yes.

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