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All those who know me, know that I am not what would usually be referred to as a “girlie girl”. My makeup bag consists of an eye liner and tinted moisturiser, my nails are allowed to grow until they break and then get hacked off, and rarely, if ever has there been a smile on my face on the yearly occasion of my needing new clothes. Until now.

The final insult of the first trimester of pregnancy is that while you are suffering all the misery of your various symptoms, nobody has the faintest idea that they should be heaping you with tea and sympathy because you have no bump. That is not to say, however that your favourite skinny jeans are still making you look fabulous in a consolatory way. Ooooh no! Nature decreed that I should start losing my waistline at around week 10, worse still, that from almost the moment I knew Maybe was there, I could no longer stand the feeling of anything pressing round my middle.

Where does that leave a girl? I hear you ask.

Exactly my dilemma! I would respond.

You see there is no section for “slightly pregnant but just looking like she’s eaten all the pies” in your local Mothercare. Nobody is there to advise on the correct sizing of “porky fit” jeans. And so you struggle on, choosing outfits not by what actually goes together, but by what you can and are willing to wear. It is a miserable time, and I don’t mind telling you I spent the last few weeks feeling like an overstuffed sausage.

But that is all in the past now. Ooohohoho yes, dear friends, I am now the proud owner of what I believe is called a capsule wardrobe of the pregnancy variety. And I have the wonderful (and very patient) Sal to thank for it.

We decided that both currently being under the whim of little hitchhikers, we were in dire need of cheering ourselves up with some retail therapy (a clear enough sign of my impending motherhood/ temporary insanity if ever there was one!) and so we ventured to the Mecca of convenient shopping, The Oracle in Reading, and wouldn’t you just know it, we were just in time for sales season!!

I’m not sure you would call our trip a frenzy as such, it was a little too leisurely for that (it had to be, we’re both in training to honorary penguins) but there was definitely hyperventilating, lots of smiling and even (ashamed as I am to admit it) some excited clapping as finally we both stepped out in clothes that made us look nothing short of fabulous.

So the next time you see me, beware, I am no longer hiding under baggy tops and big jumpers. I have the beginnings of bump and I’m now not afraid to show it!!

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