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I made the mistake of opening this email when I was supposed to be doing something very weighty and serious. 

In my defence if you saw a title like that from your husband I'm sure you would open the email in case this was the 21st century version of Lassie telling me the children were down the well.

As it was, there was less need to call an ambulance for him than there was for me thanks to me ingesting tea into places tea has no business going.

Rookie mistake Batsford, rookie mistake. You don't ever commit to a position you can't maintain for at least two hours, I don't care how much yoga you've been doing recently.


What's your parenting rookie mistake?

The Maybe Diaries has been shortlisted for a Brilliance in Blogging 2014 Award. 
Thank you SO MUCH for helping me to get this far!

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