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After threatening for the last few weeks, Miss Olive has finally coordinated herself enough to take a few faltering steps.

If you sensed that I was typing that with equal parts joy and terror, ten points for you.

Of the three children, Miss Olive is the fastest crawler: She has a rare old turn of speed but it isn't enough to keep up with the elder two as they go marauding through the house and she has been watching intently and calculating what she needs to do to join in their fun. 

She is a clever one, my baby daughter; and determined, oh so determined.

Having taken some measurements and done some quick maths, she had concluded that in order to get to the Lego Table of Joy, stuff an off-road tyre into her mouth and escape before anyone confiscates it from her clamped jaw, she needed to get down with this walking business. 

And so, decision made, she set to learning.

Baby takes her first step
Look, no hands

I love this photo, both because I managed to capture her determined face but also check out the mutt in the background, looking over her in his usual benevolent way.

He is such a loving fur papa to those children and they, in turn, adore him. 

When I left the house this morning Esme had liberated some tongs from a kitchen drawer and was pretending to be a crab. 

Harry was lying in a patch of sun debating whether having his body tweaked by a cackling two year old was bad enough to give up his spot.

In the end he decided a melodramatic sigh was enough.


Do your children have fur parents? Or walk? Or eat Lego? Care to share how you manage any combination of the above without the need to visit A&E on a regular basis?

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