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This is a picture of my feet: Not of the children, not of some great epiphany, just my feet standing on a woodland floor.

Barefoot in the dirt and leaves feeling the ground under my feet

On Sunday we went up the coast to a Wild Child Day. There were a lot of activities aimed at helping the children explore nature but importantly there were also some activities for the adults as well.

As another mama commented: You spend so much time giving children your enriching experiences, something you forget to have them yourselves.

So here I am, barefoot, learning to use my senses better by playing blindfold games, building fires and cooking damper on sticks, baby asleep on my front, children running round collecting hazelnuts.

Just .... being.


How do you take time for yourself as a parent? I'd love to hear your ideas.


  1. Love that pic! I haven't taken a lot of time for me lately. Trying to change that. Just wrote about it the other day on my blog:

    1. That's very kind of someone who has won such a prestigious award!! Thank you!! And thank you for sharing your own post. I think as women we learn from such a young age that other things (house, family,etc) are more important than taking time for ourselves. It was a real moment for me to realise that I had been running low for quite some time and how great an impact it could have to gift myself some time and attention.

    2. Now that we have learned, here's hoping we both continue to take time for ourselves. :)

    3. I fully intend to Elizabeth. Even if it is a cup of uninterrupted coffee while standing in the garden looking out to sea, I'm making it a pledge to myself.

  2. This is so nice. Going back to nature is such a nice experience and we didnt even need to go far.. just the garden. Love this post! #MBPW

    1. I couldn't agree more! I really think it is something that we can ingrain in our children, we can watch it keep giving to them as they grow.

      In the UK there is an amazing site by the Woodland Trust to help guide that passion even if, like me, you didn't necessarily have that connection fostered as a child.


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