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Last night I was parenting solo and had given the children some time in front of the idiot box while I cleaned the kitchen.

Alfie came bounding in, fist held aloft with the words
“A fist?”
 “No mama, A FISH!! And he’s going to ESCAPE!! QUICK!! TAKE HIM
My son has loves to role play with imaginery animals

So what’s a mama to do except reach over and take the imaginary escaping fish in my hands?
“Shall I put him in a drawer?”
 “NO!! He’ll escape!!”
“Shall I put him in the fridge?”
 “NO!! He’ll get cold!!”
“I’ll put him in the sink! PHEW!! That was close!”
 “Mama  ... There’s no water in there”
“To be fair Alfie, there’s no fish in there either”


Do your children have rules to their imaginary animals? Do they HAVE imaginary animals?!? Tell me I'm not alone!! 


  1. Haha, brilliant! Struggling through teething with my 9.5 month old at the mo, so I, looking forward to those days :)

    1. They are amazing days. Challenging in ways I could never have imagined, but amazing. Seeing the world through new eyes is an amazing gift. Hope your little one gets those teeth cut nice and quick, teething is no fun :(

  2. AnonymousMay 08, 2014

    This is such a magical moment to capture! Ariki (2.5) has had an interest in vehicles, and animals (in particular sea creatures) for as long as I can remember, but they have recently intertwined. Everyday when we drive home from Kindy and pass by the same spot, Ariki tells me "Mama.. A crab had a car crash". I mean.. what?! Sure we get the sudden gasp followed by "It's a bear!!! AAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!" (We're going on a bear hunt) but this is just weird!
    I wonder how long it'll last...
    J. Cooper

    1. That is just too gorgeous! I hope the poor crab gets the medical attention he or she needs ;)


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