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One of the truly amazing things about having more than one child is the way they take the Book of Truths you have written with your accumulated parenting experience, turn it over in their grubby little paws, stare at it thoughtfully ... and then rip it into confetti while cackling.

Olive has brought a whole new perspective on Baby Led Weaning: Alfie enjoyed food, Esme relished it, but Olive needs it. 

I use the verb in the same sense as a crack addict needs their hit: Miss Olive took the Baby Led Weaning rule that said "until one it's just for fun" and ate it.

She simply cannot see food and not have some of her own, which makes sneaking treats a bit of a challenge. 

I was nursing her the other evening when Keith brought me one of my favourite treats and I made the mistake of thinking she was too zoned out on milkie goodness to notice.

As soon as the delicate scent of chocolate hit Miss Olive's nostrils, she whipped her head around to see what she was missing.

While still trying to nurse.

Satisfied that she had my attention, she finally unclamped her jaw from my boob and fixed her eyes on my Afghan biscuit

And then on me.

And then on my biscuit.

And then on me.

And then on my biscuit.

And then on me eating my biscuit and trying to ignore her.

Not satisfied I was getting the message she grabbed a handful of biscuit right where I was trying to eat and refused to let go.

These are crumbly biscuits so I was left with pretty much no choice but to abandon nursing, sit her up and break off a small piece for her to eat.

If I hadn't, next would have come The Noise.

I can't describe The Noise to you, and I can't type it either: If I could, it would come out something a bit like 
which basically translates to "more" but with more of a growl and an underlying threat of wanton violence.

The Noise usually begins at a gentle level, and increases both in volume and nostril flaring until you take the hint or she has alerted a more sympathetic member of the family (usually one of her siblings) who will use their superior mobility to GETHERFOODNOW!!!

What The Monkey was to escaping toys, Miss Olive is to sugary treats. It might just be the best diet I've ever tried.


  1. This made me laugh thank you, Zachy is the same only he's decided real food beats milk hands down every time.

    1. Yup, Miss Olive has as well. She has almost no milk during the day now which is just freaky weird


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