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I have come to the conclusion that babies are the slippery slope to bankruptcy.

You can dress it up with words like “need” and “legally required” but basically once that nesting urge kicks in, the only hope it to try and find the things you covet as cheaply as possible.

In our case we have summarily rejected pushchairs - one is in the loft while the other is soon to go up for sale – in favour of slings. That doesn't mean less cost however, in fact some of the slings I have been drooling over for Olive come in at well over £100, so any time I can pick up a bargain, I’m on it.

Especially when it means I get my amazing talented friend to stamp her mark on it.

I picked up a ring sling at our last Nearly New Sale. It was a steal at £5 still in the packaging and as it was plain black I figured I couldn't go wrong. I have never been overly sold on ring slings, taking to my stretchy wrap as well as I did but I figured it deserved another chance. Especially for a fiver. Who can argue with a fiver for a sling designed by an ex-starlet turned fashionista?!?!

Steal or not, I wasn’t going about with her logo shimmering off my shoulder - I might as well give up entirely and buy some sweat pants with Juicy stamped across my ass – so I asked Helen of Monkey Mei Tai  if she might be able to spare a little time to help me out.

I send her a pixelated photo of Donald Campbell’s grave (don’t ask, for some reason Olive’s colour for me is turquoise blue, and I love the symbolism of bluebirds)  and she sends me back this amazing piece of work.

And all I could think was "Holy crap lady, do you just wake up and fart talent every morning?!"

So first up we have to break in the sling, and for that we are going to try some Rebozo sifting and by “we” I of course mean Keith, I can’t reboze myself, that would just be crazy and frankly he should just be grateful to get away so lightly with baby duties this time round.

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