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I went to see a maternal cardiologist this week, along with my best friend who like a true friend gave up her evening to come and watch me be prodded and poked and discuss exciting PPCM related things.

By the time we left the hospital the both of us were wondering if we could persuade Dr Walker to be our GPs, Obstetricians, Dentists, in fact, we just wanted to take her home and never let her leave.

Dr Walker is the most wonderful doctor I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She was interested in my story (told by me rather than my notes) she listened to my hopes, allayed my fears, answered my questions and all with a dose of humour.

In short, she was an angel.

After looking at my notes and us having a discussion, Dr Walker has decided she needs to review my fluids chart from my section and the first ECG that was done when my chest first started crackling. It is her suspicion that something about the standard practice of a section that was too much for my heart at that time. It is her suspicion I didn’t really have PPCM at all and if that is the case, I’m basically a normal VBA2C woman for the purpose of this pregnancy.

Even better though, I get to see her every 6-8 weeks for the next 6 months because she is  all about the gold standard treatment and wants to treat me to regular ECGs just to be on the safe side.

Regular sessions with a supportive knowledgeable doctor who treats me like a proper cognizant adult? Yessum, I’ll take 2! 

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