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The family have been at the 'lympics again today and I think Emmie is starting to get delusions of having won a medal.  
Incidentally, who told athletes to bite their gold medals? I mean I know why they do it but who actually told them it was a good idea? Did nobody think about the fact it is just slightly insulting to look as if you are "checking it's gold"? Jeez I know the economy isn't in great shape but I'm pretty sure the thieves of this country are too busy nicking copper wire from railways to be bothering with your medal.

I digress

Luckily she decided to drop it and scurry away when Keith threatened her with a shower. I think she's still having flashbacks to the gazebo incident.
The good news is she didn't find the rest of the cards so as soon as I distract her for long enough I'll count 'em out, pack 'em up, pack 'em up, count 'em out, count 'em out, pack 'em up RawHIIIIIDE!!

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