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I am so damn excited about this project I can barely speak.

Social media is a controversial development in the sense that it divides people into those who fear that it will steal their soul, and those who embrace it because it has connected them with the rest of their tribe. I fall into the latter category. I know, I so didn’t need to tell you that, but hey, I like to be transparent. Just in case you were worried, I have no need of your soul.

So anyway, there’s this blog post, and I open it and look at these cards and I'm just completely overtaken with how much these cards rock my world. I have to have some, I have to make more of these things to send out into the world.

So I have.

First of all they are another way to give a big fat "YOU GO MAMA" to mums who are doing something that is often fearful difficult. Plus, they're breastfeeding, I know I don't have to bore you all with why that deserves recognition and support. Do I?

Tell me if I do, I have flip charts.

Secondly these cards redress the karma of business cards. I will happily print and distribute one of these cards for every waste of time, money and trees bullshit card I have had pressed into my palm by some overeager salesman only to fester in a pile at home for months before being recycled.

So after the cogs had slowly turned, I realised that I was distantly related to a very talented artist who might be persuaded to draw me a little doodle. This was key to my plan because I'm not bad at vision or design but I lack the fine motor skills to translate that into an actual work of art without stabbing myself in the eye.

Then my brain discovered what I think the Americans call "joined up thinking".

The part of my brain that usually sits there humming tunes and looking at butterflies wondered where these cards might end up.

The technologically savvy side of my brain face palmed and let off an air horn until I made the leap to realising that maybe social media could help me out with that. Like maybe a QR code could lead people somewhere where they could leave a comment or a pin in a map to say where in the world they were.

Oh yeah, in the WORLD, I don't dream small people.

Hidden somewhere on this blog is another page. It is going to stay hidden for now, accessed only by the QR code on the cards. Mostly this is because I may end up with a page covered in cobwebs that nobody ever visits and that is depressing when people have easy access to point and laugh. Eventually I really hope I will be able to post a big TA DA!!! complete with a map covered in a hundred hundred pins. 
So I have lovely ladies waiting to take some of these off my hands, and if anyone wants some, you only have to ask. I am printing and sending them for free so in reality you don't have much to lose by taking a few.

A few caveats though.

These cards require you to walk up to a mum who is using their child as a human shield for their modesty. If there is one thing I know it is that after a certain age, children go from "focus on the boob, only on the boob, nothing BUT the BOOB" to "Mmmm boo- well HELLO there!! Good to see you!! Now where was I?" so please don't blame me if walking up to the mum in question means you are accidentally treated to an eyeful.

Also, at the risk of sounding sexist, I had seen this as something for women. I'm not going to deny any man who feels they need to challenge gender perceptions, you fill your boots, but just to let you know a lot of mums might not share your views and if you get slapped, it's your own lookout.

Reading this post, maybe my sales pitch needs a little work.

EDITED TO ADD: In case you are struggling with getting in touch, please email me at

natasha dot garcia at gmail dot com

stick something sensible in the title and let me know how I get cards to you and how many you want (please be conservative, I can always send you more if you run out) and I'll add you to the list!

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