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I have started one of Alfie’s Christmas gifts and I thought I would share some sneak peaks.

Any ideas?

Well here’s a clue, he likes to burrow and eat porridge and lives on a park on an island.

Anyone without a working knowledge of Cbeebies probably has a twitching eye right now.

I’m going to spare you the mock coyness* because we all know I am dreadful at keeping my news secret: For Christmas, I am making Alfie his very own Neep!!

I am repurposing an old jumper Keith had accidentally shrunk in the wash and so far he is looking super sweet (and dead easy to do, it only took me a few hours to get this far)

Progress came to a crashing halt due to the fact that I now need to dye Neep’s bottom half a nice shade of my favourite colour. I am reliably informed the best way to do it is with a noxious cheap-as-you-like fizzy pop so today I will mostly be off to the low budget supermarket next door to buy the lowest budget gut rot they stock.

I can just see how that one is going to pan out:

Me: Excuse me, do you have any really purple fizzy drinks?
Employee: Yes we have this one, it’s Cherry, and zero sugar and no artificial colours.
Me: Hmm, do you have any with sugar and some really nasty colourings? And even more purple?
Employee: We try and make our drinks as healthy as possible …
Me: Yes that’s great, but what I want to know is do you have any fizzy drinks that stain really badly?
Employee: Ummm …
Me: Because I want one that will stain really purple.

And that is why you should expect to see another post tomorrow called “How I Got Arrested In Asda”

The hardest part is having to keep Neep hidden until December. What’s the betting I crack and give it to him for his birthday? 4/7 on? Really? As long odds as that?

*Try saying that after a few drinks!!

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