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This is a mum feeding her baby. At work. Posted on Twitter.

A mum who happens to be famous and fabulous and a pretty damn good role model for young mums.

A mum who, when asked on national TV about whether she is still breastfeeding said:
"It's healthy, and natural and it's a comfort to my baby so I couldn't give a shit what somebody else thinks."
Pink, I hope like hell your career last a while longer because I would love you to still be around when my daughter is old enough to notice the women around her. 


  1. P!nk is awesome love her music love her style in everything she does!

    1. Oh she is my big time parenting crush. If I were ever to meet her I think I might have to hold her captive until she agreed to be my BFF.

  2. Join the queue behind me! :)

    1. Do you think we are coming off as just slightly scary here? ;)


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