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Unlike her brother, Emmie isn’t a complete camera ‘ho which makes it really hard to capture any of her expressions except the one I lovingly refer to as “the landed fish”.

That’s one of the reasons I love this photo so much because it’s a smile we never manage to capture but are treated to so often.

Like this morning:

As is her custom, Emmie furtled around in bed for several minutes trying to decide whether it was worth opening her eyes yet. She decided it was and rolled over onto her front in the process letting out a fart that any darts player would have given a standing ovation.

Nothing unusual in that, she starts every day with a hearty nappy rumble but this morning she fair whupped her head round and had the bare faced cheek to look at me as if I were the guilty party!!

“EMMIE!!” I cried … literally, it was bloody hysterical.

And then she broke into her grin, mouth so wide you’d swear she is part Cheshire Cat and rolled her eyes at me as if to say, “yeah ok, fair cop”. 

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