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I feel really weird this pregnancy, and if you made me describe my symptoms it would be that I feel ... fine! My uterus did that initial hedgehog stretching thing, there is tiredness a go-go and last week as I reported the Yik arrived, but even that isn't as bad as last time.

If I'm honest, I don't feel like I feel pregnant "enough".

As part of my doctor appointment last week I asked him if I could keep running. He nodded enthusiastically and said "you don't take up skydiving but running you keep doing" (are you taking notes Comedy Store, I'm telling you, this guy is the next big thing) and I am wondering if part of my lack of symptoms is the fact that I am fitter this time and that I'm still running.

Ah yes, my Monday run, that wasn't too weird then. To protect against belly wobble I strapped myself into the big fat support knickers I bought when I first started running and my abdominals were still in a state of shock after 10 months of baby followed by surprise surgery and I chose a nice even track around the lakes to gently jog around. I had a spell of about 30 seconds when I felt like my cervix was attacking me with a cattle prod but otherwise it was the most enjoyable run I have had in a really long time.

If this is the secret to an easier pregnancy then I'm finding me some maternity running gear. Or failing that a small marquee with strong webbing.

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