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It has been a long weekend - it feels like I have slept forever and could still sleep for a year. I woke up at 4am today needing the toilet and decided that since I was going anyway I would use my last remaining test at the correct time of day.

Yup, still pregnant.

I crawled back to bed for some more rest and woke up again to discover that the Yik has finally arrived. You may know it as morning sickness but actually, in my case, Yik is far more appropriate. Last time I didn't actually throw up, I just felt like I was constantly on a very rough sea. I fancied my face to be the kind of light shade of green Dulux might ironically call Apple Delight 6. Looks like this one is going to be very similar so for the next 8 weeks, I will mostly be eating nice plain food in the presence of other people eating nice plain food. You spicy people? Take yourselves off into the corner, you are not welcome here.

At least I am now back in clothes that aren't trying to saw my chest in half. Last time I took a sudden and violent dislike to having anything around my waist, this time the problem has been the underwire in my bras. In all seriousness there were moments last week when I could cheerfully had ripped my bra off in the middle of a meeting for the pain it was inflicting on me. Not sure that would have done a massive amount for my career prospects.

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