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After the last post, I was absolutely blown away by the kindest offer from one of the other NCT mums of a few longies and shorties that her boys had outgrown. She also offered to make Alfie one of his own so he has a custom pair coming in the future.

But for now, he has been basking in the glory of woolly trousers.

Does he look snazzy or what?

Keith took a while to get used to the main difference between wool and plastic - wool is breathable. Obviously this has amazing benefits for Alfie's skin, unfortunately it has fewer benefits for our noses. The wool is crazy good at dealing with wee smells, but Alfie farts burn right on through them - and that we hadn't bargained for.

He seems to love them, and they keep him toasty warm and hell, anything that only needs washing once a week is good by me. I might just have to invest in a few clothes pegs.

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