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Rixa from Stand and Deliver recently gave birth to her third baby, a surprise unassisted birth at home. Rixa being the kind of lady she is, has very kindly shared the videos of the birth online, along with some commentary on events.

I recommend you have a look at this video, not for the birth (menfolk, you see nothing scary, be still) but because of what happens just afterwards.

Baby Inga loses tone and colour and Rixa steps straight in and gives her some lifesaving breaths.

In reality Inga is blue and floppy for a minute, but even watching it just feels like an eternity. I cannot imagine what it must have felt like, not for Rixa who by her own admittance just goes onto autopilot, but for her husband Eric who sits quietly by helping as needed.

Congratulations again Rixa, not just on the birth but on dealing with the situation so swiftly and also for sharing this with your readers.

Ladies and gents, please, please, please look into taking a CPR course - you just never know when you might need it

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