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I have spent the evening trawling the interwebs for interesting small person treats. I used to love doing that when I was pregnant but I have to be honest, I haven't done it for a long time now.

I managed to find two things that really appealed to me, one a sling, the other some super cutes for Alfie.

I'm sure you remember a million years ago when Keith and I went to order Alfie his washable nappies and sat talking about vaccines while we waited to be rescued and taken to the nearest purveyor of replacement tyres? I know, I can barely remember it either, but then I've slept since.

We have always used plastic outers with Alfie, but they often end up wiffy by the end of the day. I have long coveted some "soakers" for him, but could never justify the cost of buying them and frankly don't have the skills to knit a coaster, let alone a pair of trousers.

I am VERY excited. I have one or two old jumpers that I was waiting to use for something inspired and now? Well let's just say that Alfie's soon going to have some multicoloured legs going on. Oh yes, I am already sewing the seeds of his future therapy sessions.

If any of you have any spare wool jumpers kicking about that you want to donate (and apparently I need them to be 90% wool, who knew wee absorption had such specific needs!) then I will gladly take them off your hands!

The other thing I found was a sling I have been meaning to track down since one of the other mums mentioned it at the last homebirth meeting. It is a Japanese variation on the Mei Tai that we use with Alfie and is called an Onbuhimo. You don't wanna know how many races Keith had done on GT5 in the time it took me to learn that!!

I'm having issues finding one in the UK. They seem to be a very poor relation to the Mei Tai which I can't understand because they look a million times easier to use and, well, I want one.

I have found a patten or two but after the endless whinging I was subjected to by my husband after the last sling I lovingly made I'm not sure I can bring myself to make another. If anyone sees one for sale within a 3 hour flight, let me know would you?


  1. Natural mamas is your best bet - babywearing forum with a for sale section

  2. Thank you - I contacted a lady who pointed me in that direction too.

    I'm not sure how I missed this forum before but I have signed up now!!!


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