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This isn't Alfie's first Christmas - not strictly speaking - but it is the first Christmas he will be aware of. He was only weeks old last year, and while we had fun in Gib with the family, Alfie wasn't really a part of that fun, it just sort of happened around him while he got used to how digestion works.

He's part of things this year though, more than that, this year he's in the driving seat and we're just hapless passengers with the map upside down.

Actually it's worse than that, I'm the one with the map upside down looking up occasionally in the hope of seeing a sign I recognise, Keith is the one in the back seat bouncing around like a sugar crazed toddler screaming "ARE WE THERE YET?!?!"

Pity me people, pity the fact that I live with two people so excited, I'm scared to make sudden movements in case it triggers an accident requiring the use of a mop and disinfectant. Keith is excited about Christmas (understatement of the century) and Alfie is excited because his daddy is excited:

Also because he loves chocolate.

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