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I had one of those texts the other day. By that I mean a text from home that make me choke on my tea until I either cough and splutter all over my monitor or risk it escaping via my nostrils.

Aside: This actually happened to my little sister Ammie once. We were late for my school coach and mum was speed feeding her runny Ready Brek when she announced she was going to be sick. My mum slapped her hand over her mouth to buy her enough time to find something for her to be sick in and next thing you know? Two jets of Ready Brek out the nostrils.

So anyway, this text read something like
"Don't put any dirty washing in the bath tub, there's a fish in it"
I know, it's hard to know where to start with a text like that, isn't it?

Anyway, this is Nancy The Not Shubunkin. I bought her, and the now deceased Sid, about 5 years ago when they were mere fry and she is having to seek refuge in the bath because the pond is just too cold for her to survive.

Apparently the story of her rescue is a dramatic one, involving Keith smashing through ice, and carrying her back to the house, all hope lost, and her gills moving just in time to stop her becoming sashimi. Sometimes I worry that Keith needs a little more adult company in his life.

I'm actually considering making her a permanent feature, there is something amazing calming about watching her swim around when you are brushing your teeth in the morning.

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