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Firstly I have an apology: I have just got a new phone and I have gone a little crazy for a new widget I have downloaded that lets me do sexy things to photos. As a consequence, this post may end up looking like I'm stuck on shop demo.

Anyway, Keith recently started complaining that he was tired and needed a break, so I decided Alfie and I would go roaming this weekend.

Today we are staying with my best friend and since she is so close to my office, she was kind enough to say she would watch Alfie today for me as well. Now just to give you some context about how brave this lady is, she is currently at home with a 3 year old, a 1 year old (with allergies), my boy (with allergies), a fruit loop dog, and she is trying to get her laptop collected for repair.

It goes without saying I will be taking a large bottle of wine home with me this evening - and a straw, so she doesn't have to tip her head to drink.

Anyway, I have been kept fully up to date with my boy, who so far has chomped his way through a massive breakfast and is clearly in love with his new playmates beause then I got this ...

How Tired?

Shortly followed by

One down, one to go

Now if he'll just be that easy all weekend ....

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