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I would like to start this post with a photo from our last family outing, partly to bring to your attention once again how chuffing cute Alfredito it, and partly because I just want to highlight what responsible parents we are. Check us out, we bought our boy ear defenders.

It was our 3rd anniversary yesterday and Keith managed to acquire a pair of paddock passes to the Moto GP at Silverstone. Seeing as we’re taking on the far bigger challenge of a 24 hour race and a week camping, this was actually a very well timed training run for us as a family.

I reckon we did OK. It was a good lesson in what you need for a little person, and an even better lesson in looking after yourself as a parent: We managed to keep Alfie covered and sun creamed up throughout the day, yet managed to totally neglect our own faces with dire consequences.

We also learned that pretty ladies love cute babies, and also that babies sitting on shop counters trying on ear defenders can stop the feverish consumerism of a whole shop dead in its tracks. We will use these lessons to our advantage in the future.

The other reason I wanted to start with a photo of Ear Defender Alfie was because I’m trying to avoid taking this blog down the route of every other photo taken in my family which just seems to show people eating food. Instead I will write about eating instead.

Obviously that is much better.

We have progressed with our BLW: Alfie has now reached the stage where he knows what he likes. The downside to this is his chosen foods are apples, and baby biscuits. Not quite the balanced diet we were gunning for.

There is also progress in the eating skills department. Alfie now has a fantastic command of spoons, and how they can be used to create an arterial splatter of sauce across a 10m area. This has now been combined with the desire to explore textures.

By explore I mean squish and by textures I mean beans.

Mealtimes at the moment are less relaxing than they were, but infinitely more amusing and frankly, very effective training should any of us decide to take up a sport that requires quick reflexes, like martial arts or boxing for instance.

Oh and the dog is getting fat.

The palate is no less adventurous though. Yesterday’s new taste was chorizo, which was so yummy Alfie managed to hide a chunk in his cheek for about 10 minutes (one presumes so he could keep sucking at it without missing out on gurning opportunities) before running out of talent, and spitting it about 6ft.

To their credit, the people sitting in front of us were very gracious about the whole affair.

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