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There is a new game in town, or more specifically in our house, and that is a game lovingly entitled Got Your Nose.

I’m not sure I really have to spend a lot of time explaining the rules on this one, you’re all intelligent people.

Suffice to say it is a Keith/ Alfie invention and involved alternating who is biting who’s nose. Oh and you have to sound excited about it as well.

There is one major problem with this game – and I don’t mean the fact that it invariably ends up with the non-Alfie participant having a nose full of Alfie drool – and that problem is how much Alfie loves this game.

So evangelical is he about his game that he wants, nay INSISTS, on sharing it with everyone he meets.

This, or course means that he now lunges, open mouthed, at the face of every single person who comes within reach and let me tell you, an open mouthed, excited Alfie can be a pretty intimidating sight if you’re not expecting it.

I therefore considered it my duty to write this post – consider yourself fairly warned.

Turns out baby spit is also the most effective makeup remover known to man. Go figure.

In case anyone has been wondering about the sleeping arrangements at FTC, yes we’re still co sleeping, yes Alfie is a starfish, and yes, the bed is too small. And yes, I most definitely do still LOVE my snuffly, sleepy, baby cuddles.

One of the bloggers I follow put it perfectly in her post the other day  “I told Tyler's Granny that Ada was so sweet smelling and squishy for a reason. She was designed to be snuggled! Otherwise God would have made her pointy and sour.”

Can you believe Alfie is 7 months already? Next installment, I promise to bring you up to date with all his latest developments. In the meantime, I'm off to investigate how to hobble a baby.

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