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There are certain moments on this journey that have had the ability to take my breath away.

It still feels like a surreal concept to believe that there is a baby inside my bump, and while interesting to see a scan of what Alfie looks like, it is difficult to really bond with the little fella.

Well it was until last week when quite by chance, he did something so incredibly sweet that it made me fall head over heels in love with him: he got his first case of hiccoughs!

They only lasted about 10 minutes, most of which was spent furiously scrabbling around on the web to find out what the chuffing hell was happening, but more than any single other moment in this pregnancy, it will be the one I cherish the most as the first real connection I felt with him.

I think Keith had a similar moment a few days ago when for the first time he actually felt Alfie kick.

I know it’s a bit late on, but there has been a combination of impatient husband and stubborn baby to blame for that one. Alfie’s usual trick is to wait until Keith has fallen asleep and is snoring gently with his hand still on my bump before putting on his show, which obviously I find endlessly amusing, and Keith does not.

I think it was fair to say that Keith was VERY excited by finally feeling his son move and is now looking forward to October with a new found enthusiasm. He even threw the term 'skin-to-skin-contact' into a conversation the other day, entirely of his own volition.

After I had asked him who he was and what he had done with my husband, he admitted that he might have been reading some of the books I have left lying about in strategic places.

I have to admit I was hugely impressed!!

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