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Well the day of the scan has come and gone, and some of you no doubt will be anxiously waiting for news of whether Maybe is in fact a tail, or a no-tail. Others of you perhaps just bored of the web and looking for something to read in the 5 minutes before you have to start work on that report you’ve been avoiding.

I suppose it would be churlish under the circumstances to keep you waiting any longer. So I will tell you now .... it’s a boy ... or a very funny looking girl, there is always a possibility.

The scan itself went really well once Maybe was dosed up with sugar. He was asleep on his tummy when we first arrived (which explains the location of the majority of the kicking!!) so they did a few measurements, all of which seemed fine. Then they sent me away to down a bottle of cola and walk around for 20 minutes to get him to turn over so they could finish the measurements and even tell us what flavour he was.

After much jiggling around on my part, I finally felt him move. Unbeknown to me, he moved the wrong way so he ended up facing us, rather than on his back as hoped. As a result when she put the dongle thing back on me we got a screen full of boy bits (so it was a good thing we wanted to know) and also a very scary photo of the face looking either like a baby bird (the sonographer’s opinion) or one of Geiger’s less attractive aliens (my own personal view). Had I not forgotten my phone this morning I would have posted the picture for you to make up your own minds, but that will have to wait.

All measurements were on the small side of the normal range. He has long legs, a narrow head, and a skinny tummy barely there enough for me to blow a raspberry on!! So basically, it appears Alfie is going to be a carbon copy of his dad.

Oh yeah, in case I’d forgotten to mention it to anyone, the boy Maybe is going to be called Alfred, or Alfie for short.

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