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Shall I start with the little updates, or the big exciting point of this update? Oh what the heck, the big exciting point has it.

Maybe is now halfway to being born – can you believe it?!?!

It is one of those strange feelings that you haven’t yet had a chance to get your head around the concept of being pregnant, while feeling like you have been so forever. I can’t remember a time when I enjoyed the smell of red wine, or could look at spicy food without wincing, or even went a whole day without patting my stomach after a particularly concerted bout of kicking. It’s crazy the way these things creep up on you.

Anyway, my midwife appointment was on Monday and I am pleased to report that Maybe has a lovely healthy heartbeat of 134 bpm and growing as expected. Personally I am not so keen on that aspect because my bump has now gone from nice and neat to wildly odd shaped as Maybe pushes ever upwards rather than outwards. It’ll all be fine in a few weeks, I know it, but right now I’m heading back to the floaty end of the clothing spectrum.

Another slight, and more literal hitch is my recently discovered shame at not knowing my own size. Anyone who saw Harry in his recent incarnation as a flower pot will know that despite several months of practice, the little lad never learned how wide he was. So it is for me. I actually got stuck in the car park at work the other day, much to my shame, and had to find an alternative route out. It’s a really odd feeling though, in my head I’m the same size I always was, it’s the rest of the world that has shrunk!!

Oh and finally I have one small reminder about a very exciting event – only 5 more sleeps until our next scan!!!! Anyone wanting to register a guess at whether Maybe is a tail or a no-tail had better get their skates on!!

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